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Research project: How do Finnish companies meet their human rights responsibilities?

Government analysis, assessment and research activitiesMinistry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Publication date 10.6.2020 14.45
Press release

The new research project aims to provide comprehensive information on how Finnish companies carry out their human rights responsibilities in the context of expectations and standards set out in the UN Guiding Principles. The project will be implemented by the Hanken School of Economics, FIANT Consulting Oy, 3bility Consulting and the Human Rights Centre.

The project focuses on assessing companies in four sectors:  agricultural products, information and communication technology, extractive industry, and the apparel industry. To assess these industries, a methodology developed through international cooperation and published by Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB) will be used.

In addition, a narrower set of indicators will be used to assess other major companies in Finland, with focus on key human rights responsibility issues.  The research covers approximately 80 companies.

Research to provide essential information for decision-makers and companies

The research project will provide authorities and decision-makers with useful information for outlining policy guidance, legislation and other measures related to corporate human rights responsibilities.

For companies, the project provides important information on concrete measures they can take to improve human rights in their activities. The project also involves exploring best ways to help Finnish companies publish information regarding their efforts to meet their human rights responsibilities. Other stakeholders, such as investors and non-governmental organisations, can benefit from this information in their own work to promote responsible business.

The applicability of the CHRB methodology as a tool for regularly monitoring how human rights responsibilities are met in Finnish companies will also be assessed.

The project is conducted as part of the Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities (VN TEAS). The project steering group consists of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister’s Office.

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Linda Piirto, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, tel. +358 29 50 47028, linda.piirto(at)tem.fi
Responsible Project Manager Nikodemus Solitander, D.Sc. (Econ.), Hanken School of Economics, tel. +358 40 352 1451, solitander(at)hanken.fi

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