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Energy Council to address the implementation of the EU’s climate and energy objectives and ways to achieve climate neutrality

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Publication date 19.9.2019 16.01
Press release

The first Energy Council meeting during Finland's Presidency of the Council of the EU will be held in Brussels on 24 September 2019. The meeting will be chaired by Minister of Economic Affairs Katri Kulmuni.

Ministers will discuss national energy and climate plans and the post-2030 energy sector on the path towards climate neutrality in the EU. Finland has selected innovative energy technologies that promote climate neutrality as the topic of the ministers’ lunch discussion.

National energy and climate plans – debate on the Commission's feedback

Energy ministers will discuss ways in which Member States have taken into account the Commission’s feedback on 18 June on the draft national energy and climate plans (NECP), particularly with regard to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

National plans will help to keep track of progress made in the achievement of the EU's common 2030 targets. Member States were required to submit their drafts to the Commission at the end of last year, and the Commission gave its assessment in June. According to the Commission’s analysis, the draft plans do not yet provide adequate means for achieving the EU’s common renewable energy and energy efficiency targets. Member States are required to submit their final revised plans to the Commission by the end of the year.

Monitoring the progress towards the EU’s common 2030 targets is a new and central part of the implementation of the EU’s Energy Union. Energy ministers will therefore also focus on the future role of the Council in this process.

Post-2030 energy sector – strategies into 2050 outline a path towards climate neutrality

Ministers will also discuss the changes needed in the post-2030 energy sector to ensure that the EU can move towards climate neutrality. The Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union requires that all Member States prepare a national long-term strategy extending to 2050 (LTS) by 1 January 2020. Consequently, post-2030 efforts towards climate neutrality are a very current topic of discussion.

In their strategies, Member States are obligated to provide a description of the levels of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sinks they aim to achieve. The Presidency requests views from the energy ministers on measures and incentives required to instigate change, and on best practices adopted in different countries.

Ways of promoting innovative energy technologies to be discussed over lunch

Innovative energy technologies that promote climate neutrality will be the topic of the ministers’ lunch discussion. The discussion will focus on measures that will promote the extensive development and deployment of energy technologies. Other topics include sector coupling, which will play an increasingly important role in the future.

Achievement of the long-term energy and climate targets requires extensive development of new, cost-effective energy technologies in the 2020s.

Live streaming of the meeting:
The public sessions of the meeting (NECP and LTS discussion) will be streamed live starting at 10.45 on 24 September at:  https://video.consilium.europa.eu/fi/webcast/e9a001c4-1216-4f6c-bdd1-660acadd2bb0

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