European Year of Skills: Benchmarking

Keskiviikko 11.10.2023 klo 9.00 – perjantai 13.10.2023 klo 16.00

opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö

Two ministries from Finland and Malta Skills Council meet for benchmarking in Helsinki, Finland. Discussions will be related to skills development of working-age people, in spirit of the European Year of Skills. The onsite meeting is limited to invited specialists, but you are welcome to follow meeting online: Teams-meeting will be open for everyone - become a fly on the wall!

Malta Skills Council delegation visits Finland and meets specialists from field of skills development of working-age people. The visit is hosted by Ministries of Economic Affairs and Employment and of Education and Culture.

Mutual benchmarking discussions will be about skills policies, strategies and initiatives, concentrating on working-age people. 

The live meeting is limited to invited specialist only.

Teams-meeting will be open online during meetings. Everyone interested is welcome to follow discussions as "fly on the wall": able to see and hear presentations and discussions, but unable to participate otherwise during the meetings. 

Benchmarking flyer  



(Finnish time: EEST, UTC+3) 

Wednesday 11th of October 

9 am - 12 

  • Welcome, getting to know each other, purpose of the benchmarking visit 

  • Governance of skills, working groups 

  • Educational systems 

Presentation: Governance of skills and Finnish education system 

1 pm - 5 pm 

  • Continuous learning of working-age people 

  • Validation of skills 

  • ILA, micro-credentials 

  • Continuous learning at the workplace 

Presentation: Continuous learning system in Finland 

Presentation: Reform of continuous learning

Presentation: Recognition in higher education 

Presentation: WORK2030

Thursday 12th of October 

9 am - 12 

  • Labour-market orientation of skills training 

  • Labour market training for jobseekers 

  • Service Centre for Continuous Learning and Employment, SECLE 

Presentation: Labour market training for jobseekers 

Presentation: SECLE 

Presentation: SECLE Competence Compass 

1 pm - 4 pm 

  • Lifelong guidance 

  • Identifying skills and making them visible 

  • Tools for skills mapping, career planning and matching skills 

Presentation: Lifelong guidance 

Presentation: RRF Lifelong guidance projects 

Presentation: Identifying skills of working age people 

Presentation: Job Market Finland 

Presentation: Digital services for continuous learning and career planning 

Friday 13th of October 

9 am - 12 

  • Forecasting and evidence-based practices 

  • Case Stadia: forecasting in vocational education 

Presentation: National Forum for Skills Anticipation 2021-2024 

Presentation: Occupational Barometer OB

Presentation: Case Stadin AO, Foresight activities 

1 pm - 4 pm 

  • Discussions, reflecting, questions 

  • Goodbyes